We  accumulated the know how and skills in the field of anti-freeze coolants, windshield washer fluids, Brake fluids,Lubricants for automobile on the basis of "faith and integrity", ever since the company was established.


Our products are exported globally under the conviction to supply our anti-freezing solution for automobile engines to Korean automobile companies, and also not to mention, the automobile companies all over the world. In order to provide optimum products that best suit the special environment of automobile industry including automobile (including heavy equipment) engines, to provide optimum products that best suit user environment, we are investing in individual research and development unsparingly, and putting utmost effort into globalizing our products.


We pledge to develop into the leading company that contributes to industrial development and product development, corresponding to the demands of customers, not only in the field of anti-freeze coolants for automobile (including heavy equipment) engine, but also all fields related to automobile industry.  

Thank you.