DASCO Engine Anti-freeze Coolants is a fluid refrigerant applicable to a radiator fully workable irrespective of a season, which is made from ethylence glycol or prorpylene glycol with a mixture of special corrosion inhibitors and rust inhibitors and other season available as cooling liquid of high quality anti-corrosives and rust inhibitors.





DASCO Engine Anti-freeze Coolants is an Ethlene Glycol or Propylene Glycol in high degree of purity compounded with special mixtures.



Has great effect on corrosion inhibitors & rust inhibitors aluminum cast iran

or any other metal.

Never corrosion seal or rubber of water pump.

Serves as a fluid refrignerant in high quality of anticorrosives and rust inhibitors

regardless of season.








DASCO Anti-freeze coolants is highly workable for a small car, a light/heavy truck, dump, pickup and liquid protective from cooling or freezing.








Drain cooling water from Anti-Freeze coolant and wash it with freah water.

Check it up if there is any leakage spot in the cooling system of radiator hoses,

drain colk etc.

Pour in required Anti-freeze coolants and pour water into a radiator to the entent 5cm from the bottom.

To keep it good in the minimum atmospheric temperature during the winter season

and to get the optimum anti-corrosives and rust inhibitors, please do not use Anti-

freeze coolant under 30% mixture. In case lower temperature mixture than expected minimum temperature for safety, decide as per the following mixture table.